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Firefighters Rescue 2 People from Burning Building in Westboro

A terrifying incident occurred in Westboro early on Sunday morning as firemen raced to rescue two people who were stranded on the roof of a burning building.

Firefighters quickly reacted to reports of a structure fire at 22-26 South St., raising the emergency to a second alarm as the fire quickly spread throughout the complex.

Amid the mayhem, Westboro Engine 4 and Truck 1’s selfless actions were highlighted when they used ladders to free the stranded people from the rooftop. The survivors said that in order to escape the encroaching fire, they were forced to take cover on the roof.

Because of the severity of the situation, several fire departments sent out additional units to fight the fire together.

Many questions remain unanswered as the cause of the fire is investigated. This narrative is still developing. Check out 7NEWS, both online and on broadcast, for the most recent information.

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