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This Hospital Has Been Named the Best Healthcare Provider in Ohio

With a net patient revenue (NPR) of nearly $6.04 billion, the Cleveland Clinic Main Campus in Cleveland stands out among the state’s institutions in the Ohio healthcare landscape. In addition to having the greatest revenue, this flagship facility also has the greatest number of staffed beds (1,326) and discharges (51,463) in the whole state.

Renowned for its high standards, the Cleveland Clinic is frequently named among the best hospitals in the world as well as in the United States. Its outstanding reputation goes well beyond Ohio, allowing it to diversify its income streams and make a substantial contribution to its financial well-being.

Next in line is Cleveland-based University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, which has an NPR of $2.24 billion. This children’s teaching hospital associated with Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine survives on specialized services including newborn intensive care and pediatric trauma treatment, while having relatively lower numbers for discharges (7,882) and staffed beds (231).

The nonprofit University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, which is comparable to Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital on NPR, has secured the third place. It is in direct competition with the Cleveland Clinic Health System as an academic medical center connected to Case Western Reserve University.

Over $10.5 billion in NPR was produced by the top three hospitals—Cleveland Clinic Main Campus, UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, and UH Cleveland Medical Center.

Understanding Net Patient Revenue

One of the most important financial metrics for hospitals is net patient revenue (NPR), which is the entire revenue from patient services after discounts are taken into consideration. This includes reimbursements from many payers, such as Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance.

Hospitals use NPR to assess their financial situation, make plans for the future, and make sure all departments have enough funding. It’s crucial to remember that bad debt, charitable contributions, contractual adjustments, and foundation earnings are not included in NPR calculations.

To sum up, medical facilities such as the Cleveland Clinic Main Campus have a big impact on Ohio’s healthcare system by establishing standards for both patient care and financial performance. These organizations are essential to improving community well-being and increasing healthcare excellence as they grow and innovate.

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