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Recovery Efforts Conclude as Final Victim of Key Bridge Collapse Found

With the discovery of Jos Mynor L pez’s body in the Patapsco River on Tuesday, the tragic hunt for the final victim of the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse came to a conclusion. Six weeks have passed since the sad incident involving the collision of a cargo ship with a support beam, and all six of the construction crew members are safe.

When the tragedy occurred, L pez, 37, was one of the Brawner Builders crew members working on the bridge. Upon learning of his recovery, Wilmer Lopez Orellana, his uncle, expressed relief and said that the family hoped to bury L pez in Guatemala, where he left behind four children.

In the weeks that followed the fall, the remaining victims—Dorlian Castillo Cabrera, Maynor Suazo Sandoval, Alejandro Hernández Fuentes, Carlos Daniel Hernandez, and Miguel ngel Luna Gonz lez—were also located and declared dead.

The director of CASA, an organization that advocates for immigrants, Gustavo Torres, praised the efforts made to provide closure to the families left behind by the tragedy. He noted the contributions made by the workers who had passed away and stressed the value of paying respect to their memory.

Before it was recovered by the FBI, state police, and transportation authority officers working together, salvage divers found Lez’s body. L pez, a Dundalk resident, was described by friends as a cheerful person who loved music.

Pascual Magaña, a former coworker of Lez, conveyed his appreciation for the recuperation and cherished memories of his friend’s upbeat disposition. Another former employee, Melvin Ruiz, recognized the discovery’s bittersweet nature and the closure it provides to Lopez’s family.

As all was going on, Maynor Suazo Sandoval, who went home after his passing, was being buried in Honduras. Martín Suazo Sandoval, his brother, characterized him as a kind person who wanted to change his situation but, because of the lack of prospects in Honduras, eventually found employment in the United States.

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