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Florida Awaits Governor’s Approval on Expanded ‘Safe Haven’ Law

A plan to improve the state’s Safe Haven program was passed by Florida lawmakers and is now awaiting Governor Ron DeSantis’ signature for final approval. Unwanted babies may be safely turned in at certain sites, such as fire stations and hospitals, under the present law.

The proposed increase would give women thirty days, as opposed to the existing seven, in which to securely give up children. Furthermore, parents without access to transportation would have the ability to schedule drop-off sites through 911 dispatchers.

Proponents, such as CEO of A Safe Haven for Newborns Nick Silverio, believe that this extension is essential assistance for moms dealing with medical issues or postpartum difficulties. The date aligns with Florida’s newly implemented six-week abortion restriction, which has sparked conversations about possible rises in adoption and parenthood.

The bill is a reaction to several unfortunate recent events, such the University of Tampa’s finding of a dead newborn in a trash can. These incidents highlight the state’s need for more support resources for moms and families in need.

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